Ghana domestic flights | schedules, fares, booking

Domestic flights to and from Accra, and other major Ghanaian cities. Reserve a seat quick and easy here.
(Content updated March 3, 2018)

From Accra From Kumasi
From Takoradi From Tamale

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AFRICA WORLD AIRLINES awa-icon-p2 (Routes: Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale). Click here to reserve a seat easily and fast.

awa-icon-p2 You have to do your AWA flight booking AT LEAST 5 days in advance. Fares vary for Standard and Business sections. Allowed luggage is 23kg. After that, it’s GH¢5 per kilo.

Africa World Airlines have offices in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale



6.30am Mon – AWA to Tamale
6.40am Mon – AWA to Kumasi
7.00am Mon – AWA to Takoradi
9.30am Mon – AWA to Tamale
11.30am Mon – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Mon – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Mon – AWA to Kumasi
3.40pm Mon – AWA to Tamale
4.20pm Mon – AWA to Takoradi
5.00pm Mon – AWA to Kumasi
6.45pm Mon – AWA to Kumasi
6.30am Tue – AWA to Tamale
6.40am Tue – AWA to Kumasi
7.00am Tue – AWA to Takoradi
9.30am Tue – AWA to Tamale
11.30am Tue – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Tue – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Tue – AWA to Kumasi
3.40pm Tue – AWA to Tamale
4.20pm Tue – AWA to Takoradi
5.00pm Tue – AWA to Kumasi
6.45pm Tue – AWA to Kumasi
6.30am Wed – AWA to Tamale
6.40am Wed – AWA to Kumasi
7.00am Wed – AWA to Takoradi
9.30am Wed – AWA to Tamale
11.30am Wed – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Wed – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Wed – AWA to Kumasi
3.40pm Wed – AWA to Tamale
4.20pm Wed – AWA to Takoradi
5.00pm Wed – AWA to Kumasi
6.45pm Wed – AWA to Kumasi
6.30am Thu – AWA to Tamale
6.40am Thu – AWA to Kumasi
7.00am Thu – AWA to Takoradi
9.30am Thu – AWA to Tamale
11.30am Thu – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Thu – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Thu – AWA to Kumasi
3.40pm Thu – AWA to Tamale
4.20pm Thu – AWA to Takoradi
5.00pm Thu – AWA to Kumasi
6.45pm Thu – AWA to Kumasi
6.30am Fri – AWA to Tamale
6.40am Fri – AWA to Kumasi
7.00am Fri – AWA to Takoradi
9.30am Fri – AWA to Tamale
11.30am Fri – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Fri – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Fri – AWA to Kumasi
3.40pm Fri – AWA to Tamale
4.20pm Fri – AWA to Takoradi
5.00pm Fri – AWA to Kumasi
6.45pm Fri – AWA to Kumasi
6.30am Sat – AWA to Tamale
6.40am Sat – AWA to Kumasi
7.00am Sat – AWA to Takoradi
9.30am Sat – AWA to Tamale
11.30am Sat – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Sat – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Sat – AWA to Kumasi
3.40pm Sat – AWA to Tamale
4.20pm Sat – AWA to Takoradi
5.00pm Sat – AWA to Kumasi
6.45pm Sat – AWA to Kumasi
6.30am Sun – AWA to Tamale
6.40am Sun – AWA to Kumasi
9.30am Sun – AWA to Tamale
11.30am Sun – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Sun – AWA to Tamale
12.40pm Sun – AWA to Kumasi
1.50pm Sun – AWA to Kumasi
3.40pm Sun – AWA to Tamale
4.20pm Sun- AWA to Takoradi
6.45pm Sun – AWA to Kumasi


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7.50am Mon – AWA
10.10am Mon – AWA
1.50pm Mon – AWA
4.10pm Mon – AWA
6.10pm Mon – AWA
7.50am Tue – AWA
10.10am Tue – AWA
1.50pm Tue – AWA
4.10pm Tue – AWA
6.10pm Tue – AWA
7.50am Wed – AWA
10.10am Wed – AWA
1.50pm Wed – AWA
4.10pm Wed – AWA
6.10pm Wed – AWA
7.50am Thu – AWA
10.10am Thu – AWA
1.50pm Thu – AWA
4.10pm Thu – AWA
6.10pm Thu – AWA
7.50am Fri – AWA
10.10am Fri – AWA
1.50pm Fri – AWA
3.00pm Fri – AWA
4.10pm Fri – AWA
7.50am Sat – AWA
10.10am Sat – AWA
1.50pm Sat – AWA
4.10pm Sat – AWA
6.10pm Sat – AWA
7.50am Sun – AWA
10.10am Sun – AWA
1.50pm Sun – AWA
3.00pm Sun – AWA
4.10pm Sun – AWA


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8.10am Mon – AWA
5.30pm Mon – AWA
8.10am Tue – AWA
5.30pm Tue – AWA
8.10am Wed – AWA
5.30pm Wed – AWA
8.10am Thu – AWA
5.30pm Thu – AWA
8.10am Fri – AWA
5.30pm Fri – AWA
8.10am Sat – AWA
5.30pm Sat – AWA
5.30pm Sun – AWA


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1.00pm Mon – AWA
2.10pm Mon – AWA
5.10pm Mon – AWA
1.00pm Tue – AWA
2.10pm Tue – AWA
5.10pm Tue – AWA
1.00pm Wed – AWA
2.10pm Wed – AWA
5.10pm Wed – AWA
1.00pm Thu – AWA
2.10pm Thu – AWA
5.10pm Thu – AWA
1.00pm Fri – AWA
2.10pm Fri – AWA
5.10pm Fri – AWA
1.00pm Sat – AWA
2.10pm Sat – AWA
5.10pm Sat – AWA
1.00pm Sun – AWA
2.10pm Sun – AWA
5.10pm Sun – AWA

awa-icon-p2 AWA flight tickets: Use the form below.  Top ↑ 

BOOK A SEAT ON AWA DOMESTIC FLIGHT HERE FASTEST. Booking must be done at least 5 days in advance.

Ghana domestic flights | schedules, fares, booking
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  1. pls i want to know the price from Accra to kumasi, on Monday 2nd April 2018, my client is coming from Germany, so he has got some luggage with her, so pls I want to know the prize the the weight you require

  2. Please i want to know the fare from Accra to Tamale. And also know if is possible to travel to tamale without a passport. If is possible what are the documents needed???

  3. Please I am a student in u e w and I am finishing my last paper on 22nd and want an advanced ticket from Accra to Tamale.pls how much is the fair.

    1. Hello Nancy, kindly get the current fares from your preferred local carrier. Call one of their phone numbers listed beneath the flight schedules above.

    1. Varies from season to season. Please call the hotlines of starbow and/or africa world airlines for the current fares/

  4. Please am a student in Legon and i will finish my last exam on 18th of May. I want to book from Accra to Kumasi in advance. Please how do i do it because i heard booking early is less expensive

  5. I am in the UK and traveling to Ghana with two others in May.
    After we arrive in Accra we will be traveling to Tamale.
    How can we book our flights from UK for our flight from Accra to Tamale.
    Mr John

  6. Plx i want i flight from Kumasi To Tamale for six people an round trip and is an advance one can i get more info on that plz

    1. Joahua, it depends on the airline. I suggest you call one of the phone numbers on the site to find out the current fare.

    1. i guess representatives from Starbow or africa world airlines would be in a better position to answer your question Joe.

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