Western Region Tourist Sites

The Castles of the Western Region

The Western Region is another region with a rich heritage demonstrated by the number of castles still open to visitors.

The best examples in the region are:

• Fort St. Appolonia at Beyin
• Fort Metal Cross at Dixcove (1693)
• Fort Batensteyn (1656) at Butri
• Fort Groot Friederichsburg at Princess Town
• Fort S. Antonio at Axim (1515)
• Fort Dorothea (ruins) at Akwida
• Fort Sebastian at Shama

Fort Metal Cross, Ghana

Nzulezu – The Village on Stilts

An amazing village where life goes on in the centre of Lake Tadane, just 90km west of Takoradi. The houses are built on stilts, and traditional village life adapts to the watery conditions.
The excursion from Beyin involves a walk through the reeds at the lake’s edge, and a trip in a dugout canoe to the village. The village welcomes visitors every day except Thursday, which is a sacred day.

Nzulezu, The Village on Stilts, Ghana

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Western Region Tourist Sites
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