Northern Region Tourist Sites

Mole National Park

4840 km2 of Savannah and rocky outcrops that are home to 93 species of mammals, including herds of elephant, buck and small plains game. The occasionally lion and leopard can be seen resting after a kill, and the range of bird-life (approximately 300 species) is considerable.

Mole National Safari Park, Ghana

Larabanga Mosque

A 13th century Mosque, believed to be first built by Moorish traders, it is considered as one of the holiest Muslim sites in Ghana. Its distinctive facade has been widely photographed. Larabanga Mystery Stone Nearby is a mysterious boulder that is the subject of a splendid local legend.

Larabanga Mosque, Ghana


Daboya 67 km west of Tamale, Daboya is a 16th century town from the Gonja kingdom, and a famous source for hand-made textiles.

Nalerigu Defence Wall

Said to be built in the 16th century to protect Nalerigu (120km from ‘Bolga’) from slave raiders, this has now been recognized as part of the Slave Route.


The Slave Route is recognised at Salaga, where the trans-Saharan caravans paused in Salaga market. Leg pegs can still be seen in the market place.

Salaga, Northern Region, Ghana


Yendi 96 km east of Tamale, Yendi was part of a 19th century German settlers site. Many of the Germans who died in battle with the Dagomba people are buried in the cemetery. The grave of the slave raider Batafu is said to be near here.

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Northern Region Tourist Sites
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