Ghana Airtel-TIGO, MTN, Vodafone shortcodes, bundles

Airtel Ghana, MTN Ghana, TiGO Ghana and Vodafone Ghana voice, internet bundles, mobile-money wallets, customer-support short-codes plus other short-codes, hotline phone numbers, package prices etc. Airtel and TIGO have merged to become AirtelTigo. The former short-codes still work OK as at time of content update: June 14, 2018.

Airtel – General ShortcodesAirtel (AirtelTigo) Money
Airtel CHAW BundlesAirtel FLEX Bundles
Airtel PLAY BundlesAirtel TOO MUCH – Weekly Bundles
Airtel TOO MUCH – Monthly BundlesAirtel PREMIER – Monthly Bundle
Airtel Data – Other ShortcodesAirtelTigo – Common Shortcodes
MTN – General ShortcodesMTN Mobile Money
MTN Data – Daily BundlesMTN Data – Weekly Bundles
MTN Data – Monthly BundlesMTN – Super Saver Bundles
MTN Mashup (Pulse) Weekly BundlesMTN Mashup (Pulse) Monthly Bundles
TIGO – General ShortcodesTIGO Cash
TIGO Data – Weekly BundlesTIGO Data- Monthly Bundles
TIGO MY WAY – Weekly BundlesTIGO MY WAY – Monthly Bundles
TIGO Tribe Plus BundlesTIGO Data – Family Bundles
Vodafone – General ShortcodesVodafone Cash
Vodafone Data – Daily BundlesVodafone Data – Weekly Bundles
Vodafone Data – Monthly BundlesVodafone Data – Lifestyle Bundles
Ghana Airtel-TIGO, MTN, Vodafone shortcodes, bundles
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12 thoughts on “Ghana Airtel-TIGO, MTN, Vodafone shortcodes, bundles”

  1. Yes, u can use airtel scratch cards to recharge tigo number.
    what is the short code for IDD package on AIRTEL? (TO DIAL INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS)

    1. No I don’t think so. But nothing stops you from trying it; If it doesn’t work out your credit will be intact.

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