Upper East Region Tourist Sites

Bolga Market

A splendid place to meet traders from all over the region and bargain for basket ware, leather goods and traditional clothing.

Tongo Rocks

The Whistling rocks of Tongo rise dramatically from the landscape just 10km from Bolga. The Harmattan winds create ghostly whistling sounds.

The Paga Crocodile Pond

Located at the north-east border, this is a sacred sanctuary for crocodiles. The reptiles are enticed from the water by the custodians and make a surprising photograph to take home.

Paga Crocodile Park, Ghana

Naa Gbewaa’s Shrine

This traditional shrine commemorates Naa Gbewaa at Pusiga who founded the Mole-Dagbon tribe in the 13th century.


The historic mud-built church is well worth a visit.


The ancient defence wall was a local bastion indicating that the Slave Route passed close by on its way from Djenne and Ouagadougou.

Nalerigu, Upper East, Ghana

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Upper East Region Tourist Sites
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