Anas, Kweku Baako, Kennedy Agyapong, Martin Amidu

Personally I think this “hullabaloo” from Hon. Kennedy Agyapong about Anas Aremeyaw Anas may be justified.

I remember many months, probably a couple years, ago, I heard Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr make some obviously categorical statements on Joy FM’s Newsfile program one Saturday. Mr. Baako said words to the effect that his protégé Anas had done some work on the parliament of Ghana and the presidency. At that time I remember it was His Excellency John Mahama who was in power. Mr. Baako said that Anas had practically finished his work on those two institutions as at the time he (Baako) was giving this hint. From the tone of Kweku Baako’s discourse, there were some ‘interesting’ things uncovered by his “boy” Anas. He indicated that that report would soon be released.

We are still waiting for the Anas exposé on Ghana’s parliament and “castle” promised by Kweku Baako: but we now have a one on the Ghana Football Association (GFA). Why? are some people/institutions above the law? Or is the case that because of “national security” Anas and Kweku Baako decided against releasing the exposé on these important arms of Ghana’s democracy. Or were Anas and/or Tiger Eye and/or Kweku Baako compromised?

The Hon. Martin Amidu has had cause to refer to this claim made by Kweku Baako in at least one instance – that I have read/heard.

Ghanaians deserve to know why Anas and Kweku Baako have up to today failed to release the exposé on Ghana’s parliamentarians and the presidency as promised on ‘national’ radio (Joy FM Newsfile) by the venerable Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr!

Anas, Kweku Baako, Kennedy Agyapong, Martin Amidu
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