Ghana business opportunities

Ghana is an investor’s paradise in Africa. Many industries present amazing opportunities to gain high to very-high returns on investments.


If you are looking for business partnerships in Ghana send us an email and we’ll match you with a like-minded party.

Ghanaian businesses or individuals seeking joint-ventures/ partnerships with foreign companies and individual entrepreneurs should also contact us to help them get linked/ networked.


Ghana business opportunities
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  1. Good day

    My name is Walter from South Africa and we have a brand new mobile phone company and we would like to get in tough with companies that might be interested in distributing the phones on our behalf.

  2. Hi, I am looking for business opportunities in Ghana, I am a South African and am told Ghana is open business. Can you guide me?

    1. Hello Jonathan, yes indeed Ghana is open for business and there are many excellent investment opportunities in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, education etc. If you are looking for a local business partner or joint-venture or agent kindly fill the form above and we’ll expedite action on your application.

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